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Sunday Fun Race 2010

will be held on Sentul International Circuit on February 21, 2010.

Genji Community will join this events with few other cars from other community.

With the help of our Professional Race Driver, hopefully everything goes well, and successful.

All Driver will learn Safety Driving Technics, Racing Lines, Braking Point, Cornering. Beginners are welcome.

This is the event where you can try your driving skill and test the Performance, Brakes, Suspensions of your cars

The most important is SAFETY.  Please prepare yourself and your car at very best.  Please check your wheel alignment, tires, brakes, all bolt must be tighten, suspension, engine, and make sure everything are okay

Circuit Requirement: Helmet, Gloves, Jeans, Racing Shoes (sport shoes acceptable), Fire Extinguisher min 2Kg.



The Event Successfully held on Sentul International Circuit on February 21, 2010.

about 14 Cars: Honda Jazz GE8, Jazz GD3, Civic FD1, Civic FD1 Turbo, Civic FD2R, Suzuki Swift ZC21, Swift Turbo, Toyota Yaris and some other cars join the event.

It starts on 2:00PM on Sunny day, Track is hot about 40 Celcius on the Asphalt.  Without any accident during the day, so we say its a great SFR 2010.  Mostly are beginners, and first comers, just learning how to handle the track, and try how to handle their rides.  Everyone of them seems enjoying their time.

See You On The Next SFR Events


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